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With a perspective cultivated from having worked with more than 700 companies, Tom Taormina brings a unique talent for precision problem diagnosis, strategic thinking and effective written and verbal communications skills to his work as a quality consultant and trainer and liability avoidance expert. See Industry Clients.

Tom was a member of the team at Mission Control in Houston during the Apollo 13 disaster and recovery. His experiences during his 14 years at NASA formed the foundation for his ability to rapidly analyze problems and diagnose solutions. As Mission Control Houston came online in the mid 1960’s, a group of engineers adopted a vision of preventing defects before they happened, instead of inspecting for them after the fact. Tom was part of the early evolution of Quality Control Engineering at NASA. Beyond writing standards for process excellence, he also pioneered early breakthroughs in supply chain management. This skill set makes him an effective business consultant and insightful expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence.

He worked with the American Productivity and Quality Center in pioneering implementation of the International Quality Standard ISO 9000. He has facilitated implementation of ISO 9000 and trained numerous internal quality auditors. He has written ten books on the beneficial use of ISO 9000 based on his proprietary Quality as a Profit Center™.

He chaired the Quality Management Systems Committee at the American Society of Quality and published a series of white papers on quality management. Today, he is teaching manufacturing companies how to prevent defective products from reaching customers.

In litigation cases regarding alleged product failure, Tom provides a scientific approach to proving appropriate or negligent standard of care. Through discovery, he objectively assesses companies by comparing their business processes, procedures and practices to accepted standards of quality management and industry norms. Instead of causes and origins, he investigates whether the defendant was or was not negligent in placing their products in the stream of commerce, applying international standards of quality and manufacturing. See Attorney Clients.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management
  • Quality Standards, Quality Processes and Methods
  • ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, TS16949
  • Quality Management System Auditing
  • Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management
  • Manufacturing Standards and Methods
  • Business Processes, Business Process Improvement
  • Standard of Care, Foreseeable Risk, Organizational Liability
  • Amateur (Ham) Radio

Can Tom investigate the standard of care in the design, development and distribution of the product in your case? See Industry and Product Experience.

Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE, FBP

Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE

"Tom's extensive knowledge and qualifications in the discipline of quality control make him an excellent choice as an expert witness in products liability cases. In our first engagement, the case was settled on favorable terms shortly after his expert report was served and his expert deposition was taken."

Sid Leach, Partner
Snell and Wilmer Law