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Representative Consulting and Training Clients

3-D Protection Systems
Portland, OR (Fire Protection Systems)

Addi Galleries
Reno, NV and Maui, HI (Art Gallery)

Altair Nanotechnologies
Reno, NV (Pharmaceuticals and Nano-materials)

American Productivity & Quality Center
Houston, TX (Training and Benchmarking)

American Structural Composites
Reno, NV (Prefabricated Housing)

Anadrill Schlumberger
Sugar Land, TX (Oilfield Testing)

Atlantic American Insurance Co.,
Atlanta, GA (Stock Transfer Agent)

AUS Corporation
Irvine, CA (Pollution Control Equipment)

BioDiesel Solutions
Sparks, NV (Renewable Energy)

Buildings & Dwellings
Reno, NV (General Contractor)

Burlington Northern Railroad
Ft. Worth, TX

Buyer Agents
Reno, NV (Real Estate)

Cardinal Investment Services
Paxton, MA (Stock Transfer Agent)

Carson City, NV (Aerospace Fasteners)

Close Precision Machining
Carson City, NV (Machine Shop)

Colonial Stock Transfer
Salt Lake City, UT (Stock Transfer Agent)

Computer Technology Solutions
Houston, TX (Electronics Manufacturing)

Concentric Systems, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA (Computer Systems)

Cedar Knolls, NJ (Control Systems Software)

Coors Technical Ceramics
Benton, AR (Ceramics Manufacturing)

Custom Stamping
Carson City, NV and Covina, CA (Precision Stamping)

Dell Computer, Dell University
Round Rock, TX

Dell Computer, Supplier Quality
Austin, TX

Dell Computer, Asset Recovery Business
Austin, TX

Dell Computer, Global Business Process Improvement
Round Rock, TX

Dura-Bond Bearing Company
Carson City, NV

Houston, TX (Electronics Mfg.)

ESG Companies
Reno, NV (Fire Protection Systems)

Evco Plastics
Reno, NV (Plastics Extrusion)

Ford Motor Credit Company
Dearborn, MI

Fluke Biomedical
Carson City, NV (Medical Testing Devices)
Reno, NV (e-Commerce)

IDB Systems
Richardson, TX (Electronics Mfg.)

IP Unity
Milpitas, CA (Voice Over Internet)

Innotrac Direct Marketing
Reno, NV (Fulfillment Center)

International Game Technology (IGT)
Reno, NV (Gaming Machines)

Keller Realty
Reno, NV (Property Management)

KPS-3 Marketing
Reno, NV (Marketing & Communications)

Magnetic Instruments
Brenham, TX (Machine Shop)

Management Assistance Partnership (MAP)
Reno, NV (Workshops and Consulting)

Minden, NV (Carbon Composite Surgical Instruments)

Merrill Lynch Investment Banking
New York, NY

Merrill Lynch Investment Partners
New York, NY

Merrill Lynch Financial Data Services
Jacksonville, FL

Morrison University
Reno, NV (Business Training)

Microwave Data Systems
Rochester, NY (Electronics Mfg.)

Mountain West Systems
Salt Lake City, UT (Fire Protection Systems)

NASA, Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX

National Home Improvement
Spring, TX (Home Remodeling)

Nevada System of Higher Education
Reno, NV (Seminars and Workshops)

North Valley Precision Products
Reno, NV (Sheet Metal Shop)

Warwick, RI (Financial Services)

pHenominal, LLC
Grass Valley, CA (Etiological Products)

USA, FL, PA, NV (Roofing Products)

Preferred Partnership Services
Freemont, CA (Stock Transfer Agent)

Productivity, Inc.
Norwalk, CT (Seminars)

Promenade on the River
Reno, NV (Senior Living)

River Oaks Partnerships, Inc.
Carlstadt, NJ (Investment Partnership Services)

RLD Systems
Salem, OR (Fire Protection Systems)

Quebecor Printing USA
Fernley, NV (Printing)

Roland DGA
Irvine, CA (Commercial Printers)

SAI Software Consultants
Kingwood, TX (Technical Personnel Staffing)

Schlumberger Well Services
Sugar Land, TX (Oilfield Services)

Sensient Dehydrated Flavors
Turlock, CA

Shareholder Communications Corp.
New York, NY (Investment Partnership Services)

Standard Registrar & Transfer
Draper, UT (Investment Partnership Services)

Sunnytech Computers
Teterboro, NJ and Norcross, GA (Computer Systems)

The Eads Company
Houston, TX (Oil Field Distribution)

Taiyo America
Carson City, NV (Circuit Board Ink)

Tolson, USA
Houston, TX (Commodities Trading)

Reno, NV (Laser Products)

Truckee Precision
Reno, NV (Sheet Metal)

VMX Corporation
Dallas, TX (Electronics Mfg.)

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Sparks, NV (Drug Distribution)

Wooden Window
Oakland, CA (Custom Windows/Doors)

Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE, FBP

Lowering the costs of products liability litigation and lives lost.

by Tom Taormina